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Having a baby is one of the most joyous, uplifting, terrifying and life-altering experiences that a family can go through. Let us help you navigate this exciting journey with advice, thoughts and support for every step of the way.

Topics that you will find covered in detail include;


  • Pre-conception health and lifestyle tips
  • Addressing the issue of infertility
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Adoption

  • Becoming pregnant

  • Busting dietary myths
  • Addressing common concerns
  • Problem pregnancies
  • A week-by-week guide showing the development of your baby in the womb
  • Creating a birth plan
  • Coping with a multiple-baby pregnancy

  • Labour and delivery

  • Doulas and support partners
  • Pain relief
  • Alternatives to hospital births
  • Caesareans
  • Complications
  • The delivery process

  • Post-pregnancy

  • Taking your newborn home
  • Breastfeeding
  • Post natal depression
  • The first six months

  • All subjects have useful organisations that you can contact for more information regarding a particular subject.

    The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and not for medical diagnosis. Therefore, please discuss any concerns with your doctor.

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    Pregnancy Facts

    • Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for babies being born, with Saturday being the least busiest day.
    • Babies start moving at about 6 or 7 weeks, even though the mother can't feel them until week 17.
    • Boy babies outnumber girl babies. This ratio has stayed the same over the last 50 years.
    • More babies are born during the hottest time of the year, with July-Septr being the most popular.
    • The average weight gain for expecting mothers is around 30 pounds during their pregnancy.
    • Babies born in May are on avearge 200 grams heavier than babies born in other months.
    • Your hair grows faster during pregnancy.

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    Pregnancy Symptoms

    Pregnancy Symptoms are different for women but the most signiicant is a missed menstral cycle. It's important to know the correct symptoms of pregnancy.

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    Pregnancy Stages

    Boston Map During the first trimester of the pregnancy, your body will have many changes. As your body adjusts to the growing baby, you may suffer from stress and nausea.

    Pregnancy Calendar

    Boston Weather Pregnancy calendar is a useful guide to all the changes taking place with your baby. Our Calendar includes a description of your baby's development.

    Pregnancy Calculator

    To find out when your due date is, use an accurate pregnancy calculator. You can customize our pregnancy calculator.

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